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XII Wild Boar Meeting

Form January 27th to 29th, 2023

The winter meeting for classic bikes is held in February, a wild boar custom made date. But, what the hell is a “wild boar”? A wild boar is a very special kind of motorcyclist: the one who never asks about the weather before going out for a ride; the one who never ask questions such as “How far is it?” or “Does it takes a lot to get there?” or “We are not going that high, are we?”.
This madness started with comments like: Let’s see what happens... in Spain there is not a winter meeting for classic bikes and France is full of them, this can’t be tolerated any more. So someone said, “Let’s try!”.
Last year’s edition we rode with snow and real cold. When reaching the Finish line everybody showed happy faces. It was genuine satisfaction because of a fulfilled challenge. We saw pure bikers there. Those who like riding whatever the conditions. We really encourage you to come and experience the Wild Boar winter meeting. Forget about stress, forget about crisis and become one of us, become a wild boar classic rider.  







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A challenge, a day and 300 miles.

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